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About Kerala Therapies

  Body Massage
Massage is a healing art.Massage is a therapy both for mental and physical stress. Massage improves blood circulation which increases oxygen supply to body tissues.Increased oxygen flow removes waste products from inside the body and enhances recovery from diseases. Massage is a excellent relaxant that increases health and well being.
  Navara kizhi
It is the application of boluses of medicated grains on the body. It nourishes muscles,bones and thus prevents arthritis.Also helps to prevent wrinkles and maintain the complexion of the skin.It is a very effective treatement for osteoporosis,muscular dystrophy and degeneration of muscles.
  Ela kizhi
Herbal leaves are apllied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils.It is effective in treating muscular sprains,swelling of any type and all types of arthritis.
  Podhi kizhi
Medicated powders are made into a bolus applied to the whole body with hot medicated oils.This is a main procedure for rheumatic complaints.
This is the application of herbal powder mixed with oil or butter milk or medicated juice and is rubbed upwards on the body. Useful for weight reduction and skin diseases.
Pichu is a therapy where a cotton pad is placed in a specific area on the body and maintained moist with warm oil for a specified duration of time . Effective in reducing inflammation, pain and cramps.
Nasyam is the instilling of medicated drops of oil in nostrils.Useful for chronic sinusitis,hemiplegia,facial paralysis,migraine,trigeminal neuralgia,and lock jaw.
Pizhichil involves the pouring of warm medicated oil continuosly on the body.This is effective in skeletal and muscular diseases,cervical spondylosis,osteo arthritis, lumbago,sciatica and all types of neuropathy’s.
Pouring medicated oil or decoction or milk or butter milk etc.,…in a stream on fore head from a specified height,for a specified time period is termed as shirodhara. This treatment has been found to be safe and effective in relieving not only stress but also many disorders like insomnia, depression, anxiety, psoriasis, magraine etc.,…and disorders related to brain.
Keeping the medicated oils or ghee or milk ordecoction on the head for a specific period with help of a specially designed cap. Useful in many brain related diseases
   Akshi Tarpanam
This is putting the snehadravya in and around the eyes is called Akshitarpanam.It is useful in many eye disorders,as a cleansing mechanism of eyes.
It is a procedure in which medicated or kashaya are introduced into the large intestine through rectum with the help of a enema apparatus. Best procedure of panchakarma therapy.

Kerala Beauty Therapies

   Mukha lepam
This is the application of prescribed powder mixed with juices of vegetables,fruits,fresh medicinal plants for a specified duration of time. A linear procedure of cleansing,face massage and face pack application is done. This not only helpful in regaining your original complexion but alsotreats pimples,black patches,etc.
   Fruit massages
Body massage is done with fruit pulp and fruit juices for skin glow.This is a exclusive therapy for bride and bride groom
   Bridal Package
Marriage is a once in a life time experience.So welcome your partner with sound health and glow. This is an exclusive package of therapies done from head to toe,which includes herbal hair wrap,facials with medicated herbal powders and fruits,and vegetables,fruit therapy for body,feet care and herbal bath.
   Obesity Package
This is a 30 days /60 days package.This includes
1}. Medicated oil massage.
2}. Medicated herbal powder massage,intake of herbal preparations and diet is prescribed.
   Rejuvenation Therapy
1). This is a process of purification of the whole body to attain good health.These therapies are based on panchakarma and sweda karma.
2). This includes body purification therapies like,enema,purgation,nasya karma,pizhichil,shirodhara,navara kizhi etc.,
   Obesity Package
This is a 30 days /60 days package.This includes
1}. Medicated oil massage.
2}. Medicated herbal powder massage,intake of herbal preparations and diet is prescribed.
   Stress Managemants
15 DAYS / 30 DAYS PACKAGE. Modern age is the age of gread and competition.Life has become strenuous.In this age of unavoidable stress and strain the alternative methods like body massage and shirodhara is must.These therapies are the most natural and powerful methods of relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating the body.
   Post Pratum (delivery) care
15 DAYS PACKAGE. After pregnancy and delivery we see many changes in skin,like sagging,discolouration,etc.,This includes medicated oil massage and fruit massages from head to toe.
   Gel Massage
This massage enhances beauty with glowing skin. This is most effective treatment for pigmentation, sun tanning and post delivering pigmentation, strech marks and other types of black spots on the skin.
Apart from these we have many skin and hair care products available at ayu
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